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Residential Carpet Cleaning

Residential Carpet cleaning kelowna

At carpet cleaning Kelowna, we provide the best cleaning services for residential carpets in Kelowna BC and the surrounding areas. Residential carpets are the vibrant acoustic interior of your home. However, carpets are also vulnerable to dust, trapped bacteria and allergens, stains, odor, mold, and many more. Even though regular cleaning is always recommended for residential carpets, but it is never enough. Depending on the use, your carpet must be professionally cleaned thoroughly and periodically. Experts recommend at least once in a quarter for moderate to high use and once in six months for low to moderate use of carpet.

Your residential carpet is not only a vibrant décor of your home but also the filter of the indoor air environment. Carpet traps the dust, allergens, bacteria, and other harmful particles and keeps your air clean. However, if not cleaned enough, these particles re-enter the indoor air and you start breathing it. Cleaning your carpet professionally is thus highly important.

How Do We Clean?

Our professional carpet cleaners access the cleaning methods on the material of the carpet. Even though there are multiple cleaning methods available, but not everything suits the need of the material. We provide services from dry cleaning to modern professional steam cleaning services. We do offer cleaning services like Encapsulation cleaning, Bonnet Cleaning, Hot water extraction cleaning among others.

We clean carpets of different materials such as Nylon, Silk, Wool, Polyester among others.

Cleaning Impact:

There are two impacts that customers look for in residential carpet cleaning. The first one is to keep the vibrancy of the color and to make the carpet a good filter of the dust again.

We ensure that our services are more than that.

Our professional team is not only experienced in cleaning methods but also well-trained. Our cutting-edge technology equipment and eco-friendly solutions ensure that the soft fabric of the carpet breathes again.

We offer cleaning services that keep your fabric healthy and soft and keep your carpet vibrant. The cleaning and drying processes are carefully observed and maintained for the maximization of results.

What Services Do We Offer?

Spot and Stain Removal:

It does not matter whether your children spilled something on your carpet or your pet had a fun time on it, stains can last for long on the carpet fabric. However, our cleaning ensures that every kind of stain and spot is removed and the health of the fabric is restored.

Odor Removal:

Continuous use of the carpet makes it dirty. However, it does not only impact the surface of the carpet but also creates a bad odor. A carpet with a bad odor whether some spilled drinks or pet’s pee, could be the last thing you would want at your home. Our professional services ensure that the odor is removed completely and associated stains also vanish.

Mold removal:

Moisture gets trapped into the carpet and that can attract the molds. These are dangerous for the health of the family, indoor air, carpet health, and obviously the acoustic beauty of the carpet. Our cleaning services ensure that the mold is not only removed but the moisture is also taken care of.

Our cleaning services also heal many carpet fabric damages.

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