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Spot and Stain Removal

Carpet cleaning and disinfecting services in Kelowna BC

Carpet Cleaning Kelowna Pros provides guaranteed carpet & rug spot and stain removal services in kelowna BC. We all want our carpets to be spot and stain-free. We look after our carpets whether at home or at commercial places to avoid such stains. But sometimes, we cannot avoid the inevitable. Yes, stains and spots are very common in carpets. But the good news is that it can be removed.

Our carpet cleaning company in Kelowna offers the best quality stain and spot removal service in Kelowna BC as well as all the surrounding areas. Our carpet cleaning company also provides complementary services such as mattress cleaning, scotchgard protection, upholstery cleaning and many more! Our highly well driven carpet cleaners will definitely guarantee your satisfaction.

Generally, when you are doing regular cleaning, you can use different methods to lighten the stain or spot from the carpet. One can use vinegar or other similar solutions to treat it immediately. But not all stains are so easily removable. The longer a stain remains on the fabric of the carpet, the tougher it gets to be removed.

We ensure that all stains and spots are diligently removed from the carpet. It does not matter how tough the stain is on your carpet, the latest technology, effective chemical solutions and our years of experience help us to remove the stain.

Stain Removal

Our professional carpet cleaners are experienced in removing stains and spots like no one. We can fix everything. Our eco-friendly chemical solutions can ensure rigid stains like pet poop, drink spills, or even blood stains are removed.

Our carpet cleaning does not only remove the stains from the surface of the carpet. We go deep inside the fabric of the carpet to remove the trace of stains. The trace of stains generally remains on the fabric and that hardens the fabric. It removes the trapping capacity of the carpet. We ensure that fabrics are thoroughly cleaned and removed.

Our Services

Professional Cleaning:

We offer professional carpet cleaning services for the carpet for residential as well as for commercial places in Kelowna BC. These cleaning packages also include stain removal and spot removal services. However, along with it, we ensure that odor is removed from the carpet as well.

Stain and Spot Removal:

We offer specialized stain and spot removal services as well for the customers. We ensure that the stain is removed quickly and dried out quickly. If you want to know more about the services, please reach out to us for more details.

How do we do it?

Eco-friendly Solutions:

We are very particular about our responsibility towards the customers and the environment as a whole. We use eco-friendly certified products to ensure that the health of the carpet is not compromised at any point in time. Our solutions are also safe for our environment.


We are driven by the high-efficiency and performance. We use one of the latest technologies available for carpet cleaning. We are one of the esteemed service providers who have well-trained and skilled professionals to make the most of the technologies and provide quick and effective solutions.

If you are looking for stain and spot removal services our carpet cleaners in Kelowna BC are waiting to help you. Our spectacular services are matched with very competitive prices and a quick turnaround time. We take pride in delivering customer satisfaction in each and every customer engagement.


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