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Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery protection Scotchgard in Kelowna BC

Carpet Cleaning Kelowna Pros provides guaranteed upholstery cleaning and furniture cleaning in Kelowna BC and the surrounding areas. Upholstery fabrics generally are prone to dust and regular usage. It experiences wear and tear very frequently and loses its shine. Some do not last long and you end up buying new ones. We are here to help you with this. Periodic professional cleaning of upholstery does not only keeps it vibrant and comfy but also extends the longevity of the fabric. The upholstery fabric needs thorough but diligent cleaning. Hard cleaning might take away the essence of the fabric, thus it is very important that you choose a reputed carpet cleaning service like us to do the job.

We are a professional carpet cleaning company providing high-quality carpet cleaning services such as upholstery cleaning and many more with the highest of quality and level of expertise. Our professional cleaners ensures that the fabric of your upholstery retains its comfort and at the same time looks as vibrant as new.

Why choose us to clean your upholstery?

Top-notch products:

At Carpet Cleaning Kelowna Pros we carry out our responsibility towards the planet and the customers. We take pride in putting the need, safety, and health of the customers at priority. We use accredited and certified products that are safe for the family, pets, and the environment. All our products are green and eco-friendly. We ensure that none of our products has any hazardous impact and at the same time these are effective.


Technology makes our life smoother and better. We lean on cutting-edge technology for effective upholstery cleaning. Starting from using equipment to solutions, we bring in technology along with our experience for superior outcomes.

Cleaning Methods:

The quality of cleaning often depends on the methods of cleaning. The material of the fabric also plays a greater role in this. Depending on the material, we can provide a wide range of cleaning methods. We do offer methods like dry cleaning, hot water extraction, or commonly used hot steam cleaning. Now, such cleaning methods in association with our technology, improved products, and years of experience are key drivers for customer satisfaction.

Take it all approach:

Our experience and expertise give us the confidence to take up any challenges. It does not matter what kind of cleaning you want for your upholstery; we shall have a success story. Our expert team has handled way too many different and difficult cases and we genuinely believe that we can clean everything. Yes, our assertiveness is what we bring to the customers.

Upholstery Cleaning in Kelowna, BC:

We pride ourselves to bring the customers to the center of the table of our business. We put our focus on customers and ensure that their needs are being fulfilled. We offer customization, negotiation, affordable price, more discussions on solving problems, and deliver better results.

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