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Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Best Carpet cleaners in kelowna BC

Commercial sectors ranging from Schools, Universities,  Offices, Government buildings, Conference halls, Indoor sports hall, Student accommodations, Hotels, Hospitals, Pubs, and Restaurants to Movie theatres and Shopping malls.

Commercial carpets receive high traffic on daily basis, so it requires specialized cleaning professional to effectively maintain the quality carpeting in your office or any other venue.  Daily maintenance and attention should be given to the entrance areas where there is high traffic. Entry mats should be placed at the entrance, so that it collects soil from foot wears before it hits the carpet.

Why Choose Our Services?

Deep cleaning on semi-annual basis is recommended for commercial carpets. Spots and stains are treated immediately. After every major event the carpet has to be vacuumed using upright vacuum with wider- head brush agitation. Drying technology like extraction, evaporation and de-humidification techniques has evolved these days. High Efficiency air filtration like Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system are recommended to properly ventilate your office place or property.

Damages to carpet are commonly and frequently encountered or expected to occur in Commercial places because of the high traffic. The damages could be: Installed carpet coming loose, Fire or smoke deterioration, Burned or melted area in the carpet, Pulled yarns or fibers, discolorations, bleached spots, coffee stains, dirt, chewing gums, sticky sweets, adhesives and water-marks from spilled beverages or water’. These damages take its tool and devastate your carpet. As a Carpet cleaners servicing professionals we know how to encounter or restore or repair your carpet these unavoidable problems before it goes to complete degradation. Our Team has formal and up-to date specialized training and experience resulting from wide range of cleaning and restoration contracts.

Our Cleaning Commitments

Our trusted carpet cleaning company will cater to our clients needs with the top notch carpet cleaning services at the best value. For our business and commercial clients, we also offer area rug cleaning inclusive of commercial carpet cleaning. Carpets and floors withstand high movement especially at the corporate work places, we are aware of this, hence it becomes a necessity to clean the carpets and floor mats. This in turn, keeps a healthy environment and your organization reflects professionalism. In addition to that, our organization grasps the significance of image and the impression your clients will have on you. Hence we offer assistance in maintaining your flooring and carpets, this way you can draw in your prospective client base. We apportion our administrations with unmatched costs and prevalent costumer administration. Give us a chance to do exactly that and value our services.

We have set high standards, therefore all your commercial cleaning requirement are met accordingly

Our services and the benefits you get
When you pick us to deal with your business cleaning needs you are getting the best company out there.

There isn't a Job we can't deal with

Each customer is distinctive and there cleaning needs are distinctive. However complex a job is, we finish it and we employ systematic approach towards any given problem.


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