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Mattress Cleaning

Mattress cleaning services in Kelowna BC

At Carpet cleaning Kelowna, we provide guaranteed mattress cleaning services for Kelowna BC and the surrounding areas. We also provide carpet cleaning, rug cleaning, scotch guard protection, stain removal and many more complementary services varying from residential to commercial properties.

You and your family generally spend at least 8-10 hours in your mattresses every day. Do you want this to be an unhealthy place to be? If you are not aware, a mattress can attract dust, allergens, mites, microorganisms, odors, and whatnot. It is therefore very important to keep it clean and free from unhealthy organisms.

Our cleaning service standards ensure that the mattress gets the utmost cleaning to set it free from all kinds of hazardous and harmful bacteria and viruses, mites, and other microorganisms. You breathe through your mattress and that is why our professional experts take most care of the mattress.

How Do We Clean A Mattress?

Best cleaning service:

We rely on our strengths of cleaning mattresses with our best cleaning methods. Our experts take the help of cutting-edge technology to yield the best possible results.

Vacuum Cleaning:

This is one of the most common ways of cleaning mattresses. The process starts with the physical vacuuming of the mattress on the bed. Well, it is then removed from the stand and power vacuums are used to clean the side of the mattress. This process ensures that dust and allergens are vacuumed out of the mattress. The remaining dirt can be cleaned with cleaning solutions.

Steam Cleaning:

High-powered steam cleaning can also be very effective which we provide. It ensures that all the dust, bacteria, allergens are steamed away from the mattress. The cleaning solution ensures that no trace of living microorganisms is left on the mattress. Once the cleaning is done; you will breathe dust-free, allergen-free air on the mattress.

No to Pollutants:

The mattress is probably the place where most of the pollutants take shelter. It does not only affect your health on a temporary basis, it can actually result in chronic diseases. We use high-quality and eco-friendly hypoallergenic solutions that can protect you from such nefarious pollutants and allergens. Our solution is meant for overall cleaning and protecting the health of the family.

Your safety

We always take pride in putting customers' safety before anything else. Thus all our cleaning solutions used to clean mattresses are non-hazardous in nature and are also eco-friendly. We are driven by the relationship value and thus ensure the customers get the best of everything. So, happy breathing in your mattress after cleaning.

Complete Service:

We ensure that you get a complete mattress cleaning service. All we want is to schedule a visit for us. We shall take care of every affair after that. We take great pleasure in informing customers that we clean the mattress and restore back the original settings at home. So, if you are worried about the mess after cleaners leave the house, forget it as a nightmare. When we leave, we leave your mattress in a healthy condition for your better health.

About Us

Carpet Cleaning Kelowna Pros is dedicated to make your whole mattress cleaning experience pleasant and satisfactory. We are proud to serve Kelowna and surroundings as well as be the #1 quality service at unbeatable prices in the area.

The mattress cleaning is much more than just cleaning with vacuum and steam or cleaning solutions. If you want to discuss more regarding it, please reach out to us and our expert team would be delighted to answer your questions.

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