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Area Rug Cleaning

Rug cleaning services in Kelowna



We at Carpet Cleaning Kelowna Pros offer specialized care for Area Rugs. Area rug tends to be made of delicate fibers like silk or from natural fibers like coir, sisal and grass or from fur, sheepskin with complicated dyes and complex woven or braided or hand-knotted constructions.

Area rug cleaning is our specialty. Only a certified technician who is trained to recognize specific fibers and their constructions would be able to provide specialized care, even a professional cleaner could damage the rug if not trained adequately. So, it’s a strict no for homeowners who consider Do It Yourself (DIY) cleaning.

Always treat your rugs right, to maintain its styles, appearance and durability it requires constant professional care. You may have invested a fortune for high quality antique or vintage rugs for your home or office, which would have made you to think:

How to Protect and Maintain Your Area Rug beauty?

You can keep your area rugs looking their best by following these simple care techniques: If any food spills, it should be scooped using spoon; then the area should be diluted with water and cleaned with transparent or white cloth. Always brush out your pet hair, Rugs should be vacuumed on regular basis if it is in high traffic area or if you have pets and it also should be rotated once or twice a year in order to ensure even wear-out.

Why do I need it cleaned?

Area rug, benefits from a deep cleaning every year. Dry Cleaning might be useful for small rugs but for bigger ones, it’s ideal to hire a professional technician to clean it.

How does our cleaning work?

Our Experienced rug cleaning technicians will take care of following things:

  • Collect or visit your home or office to clean and dry using our special process
  • Care for your Rug will be determined by size, construction and material
  • We thoroughly follow the instructions of the smaller rugs to determine the type of care it needs
  • Technicians will assess your rug type and its required cleaning process. We specialize in all varieties of rugs, be it Persian, Azerbaijani, Asians, Eastern European or South American and we take special care for delicate vintage or ancient rugs.
  • We use leading technology to give your rug a deep penetrating clean
  • Scrubbing too hard or using harsh chemicals will only damage the rug. We use hot water extraction method to clean your rug area
  • Suppose, if we are using any chemical solution to clean your rug, first a small patch will be tested for colorfast to ensure that it’s not damaged by the solution
  • Our cleaner will make sure that the rug is dry before replacing back to its place.
  • Dry Cleaning treatment performed using special dry powder which is agitated into fibers of the rug
  • We will check for stitching break before and after cleaning.
  • Having cleaned by experts will prolong its life and restores its former beauty or appearance

Premier Rug Cleaning Service

“Cleaning area rugs require gentle approach; Consult our technician today to know more about our service”

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