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Drapery and Curtain Cleaning

Carpet cleaning and disinfecting services in Kelowna BC

Drape and Curtain Cleaning

At carpet cleaning Kelowna, we provide outstanding quality drape and curtain cleaning services in Kelowna BC and all the surrounding areas. We also offer complementary services such as mattress cleaning, scotch guard protection, deodorizing and disinfecting and stain removal services.

How many times have you seen that your drapes and curtains are full of dust, smelling bad, and wearing off pretty soon? Have you ever wondered why this happens even after regular cleaning? Well, you are missing the cue of professional deep cleaning. Drape and curtain must be cleaned professionally periodically to ensure all the dirt deposited is cleaned.

Drape and curtains often take the burden of dirt and dust off the indoor air. The smokes from the kitchen or other sources also create a very bad smell on it. The allergens and the bacteria sit quite comfortably on it as well for a long time. Despite your effort, unfortunately, these cannot be cleaned in regular cleaning. This results in dullness in color, wear and tear, and an unhealthy indoor environment. Thus you need deep cleaning periodically to ensure that it shines, lasts for long, and remains safe for your family.

We are a professional carpet cleaning company in Kelowna that specializes in drape and curtain cleaning. Our professional carpet cleaners use the latest technology and their wealth of experience to ensure the highest quality cleaning. We provide one of the best cleaning solutions for your drapes and curtains at an affordable rate for your home and business.

How do we clean your drapes? :

We provide thorough deep cleaning of your drape and curtain. It ensures that all the dust and dirt accumulated on the fabric layers are cleaned. It also clears all the allergens and bacteria deposited on it.

We make sure that all the stains and spots on your drape and curtain are removed. We have dedicated services for stain and spot removal.

We put extra effort to remove the bad odor from the fabric.

We care about your drapes and curtains. So, we do not only clean it, we ensure that it is intact and in fact in a better condition than before. Our gentle wash and cleaning techniques ensure that the fabrics are not damaged. This does not only enhance the flow of the curtain but also increases longevity.


Why choose our carpet cleaning company?

Carpet cleaning Kelowna aims at providing the best drape cleaning solutions and thus lean on the latest technologies available. Our drape cleaners use the latest equipment and solutions for effective cleaning. This does not only make the process faster but also better.

We use all quality products which are certified and absolutely safe for people. We are also responsible citizens of this planet and ensure that all our materials are eco-friendly.

We believe in forming a relationship with the customer and thus provide customized solutions. We do understand that every problem has unique solutions, thus we do not have any standardized cleaning format. We are experts in multiple techniques and methods and use them as appropriate.

We believe in providing service at your doorstep and are very easily reachable.

We offer one of the most competitive prices in the industry.

We are driven by the motto of customer satisfaction and thrive to achieve that with every interaction we have with our potential customers.

Do you need more information about drape and curtain cleaning? Please reach out to us for more information and a detailed cleaning plan. We would be happy to help you.

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